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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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in o cityight re=vo ntinu= righnow a11: nbc bay area news starts now. >> it's going to change the way we feel about our liberties in our city right here. >> right now, upset and uneasy. concerns about this man, a sexu sexually violent predator calling this home.
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>> a sexually violent predator is now a transient. cheryl hurd joins us live from concord. cheryl, they got no warning? >> reporter: not a lot of warning. people were told that he would be released to this city and the people aren't happy about it. >> reporter: this smman is just finding out this sexual predator is living in his city. >> my daughter is 13 years old. if she wants to go with her friend, that's going to affect my decision. >> he has three separate convictions that include lewd
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and violent acts with minor under 14. he will have to check in with police of 30 days. >> because he doesn't have a permanent place to stay, he's going to be rotating in and out of hotels in our city every four to five days. >> there should be some kind of a situation where someone like that could go. >> liberty health has been search are for a permanent home for bates since july. everywhere they turned, there was public outcry. >> we're going to be working with the city attorney to see if we can find placement somewhere else for mr. bates. >> that's going to be an uphill battle. reporting live from concord, i'm cheryl hurd. >> let's take you down to the south bay. this gilroy man is in custody,
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accused of assaulting a 5-year-old child. some of the cases date back 15 years. detectives want any other victims to contact the gilroy police department. >> a major development in brussels. police raids across the city ended with the arrest of six people linked to tuesday's terror attacks. police discovered a apartment filled with bomb making products. the u.s. state department confirmed a dozen americans are among the injured. a taxi driver who picked up the suspects told investigators that one of the men launched into an anti-american tirade during the ride to the airport. >> the last thing heard by
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someone external to the  terrorist attack was very aggressive words against america and american city. >> investigator say this man and his brother died after carrying out the attack and police are searching for another man. and police arrested a man they say was in the advanced stages to attack the country. they say there have no link between his plan and the attacks in brussels this week or paris back in november. >> julio fuentes seen here formally resigned as city manager for santa clara earlier this evening. no specific reason of given for the resignation. he served as city manager for just over three years. his departure comes over the heels of another high-profile
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resignation. mayor jamie matthews announced he was retiring to spend more time with his family. >> caught on camera and wanted by police officers think this man could be responsible for dozens of car thefts in union city. they say it's happening near alvarado niles road. that's where the surveillance video was captured. if you recognize this man, please call police. >> caught on camera, police are looking for a pair of bicycle burglars. they allegedly broke into a store in campbell and stole four bikes from the storage area. these are worth big bucks. >> reporter: police got pictures of two suspected bike thieves and their two-tone ford truck.
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security cameras caught two men entering the revere department. >> a suspect with a beanie is using a tool to get inside. >> reporter: once inside they went straight to a storage room and loaded their truck with expensive bicycles like this one, worth $1,000. >> it was the brazenness. it was sometime in the night. there's people around. it was on a busy street and they force entry into the door to the complex to make their way down. so they're pretty confident in where they are and by looking at the video, we believe that this probably wasn't the first time that they were there. >> the man wearing a beanie in the surveillance video is described as hispanic, 25 to 30 years old, 5'8", a dark goatee and a tattoo on the back of his net.
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the others described as hispanic or white. one man said he was shocked his bike was stolen given the number of security officers here. >> they're turning around and selling quickly. if you lower a $3,000 bike to $1,000, it's a pretty easy turn around. >> campbell's theft rate went down last year. one tip, they say take a photo of your bike and write down the serial number. police say you'll have a better chance of getting it back. >> thank you, chuck. captured after a close shave. this is new video of police arresting a suspected bank robber, called the bearded robber. it appeared getting rid of the beard is what helped police nab him. yesterday a man in brentway
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spotted ellis in a safeway checkout line purchasing razors. i said that looks like that guy that's been robbing the banks. >> that man, james, called 911 and wrote down the suspect's license plate. police say they tracked him down two hours later but had already shaved his beard. >> fishermen have been stuck on land because crab was deemed unsafe to eat. crabbers are gearing up for the big haul and facing obstacles before they head out. >> all diand night we've been seeing fishermen loading their boats with these crab pots here. it comes at welcomed relief waiting for the crab ban to be lifted. >> reporter: crab season starts
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saturday. this fisherman spent four mons doing odd jobs and sitting at home waiting. >>it's been tough financially but we managed to stay afloat. we're hoping to salvage what we can. >> reporter: delayed more than four months, a toxic space alge bloom contaminated them. >> this is okay. not doing it would have been worse. >> reporter: but the fishermen still face obstacles. more high winds expected, the bait is more expensive and consumers want it to their liking. >> if enough boat go out and don't stay tied up together, it will be a rat race. >> reporter: with the season
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ending in june, the chase is on to make up for lost income. the time they've waited for has come. in half moon bay, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> coming up, the celebrity expected to drum up big dollars for mrs. clinton's campaign and the big price you'll pay to sit at the table. >> i would love to take the bus and the bus schedule looks great, if only the buses would come. >> golden gate transit bus riders say they are frustrated by cancelled buses. the problem and the fix are coming up. >> and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. temperatures dropping into the 50s right now, currently 55 in campbell, down toward san martin, 53. we're tracking clear skies across the bay. details on a warmer day friday and changes by easter sunday in just a few minutes. some comts areeelinleft out tht
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new at 11:00, some commuters are feeling let out in the cold tonight. golden gate transition bus riders say they're tired of last-minute bus cancellations. jean elle is live in san francisco with more on the sometimes rough commute, jean. >> that's right, terry. golden gate transit bus riders say they plan their lives around that bus schedule but they're finding themselves left at the curb waiting. the district says a driver shortage is to blame. commuters who rely on these buses to get between marin county and san francisco say lately they feel lucky when a bus shows up. >> i've had the experience where i'm waiting for the bus and they just don't show up or they're really up. >> reporter: a no-show leaves riders frustrated. >> we're really angry. it's freezing of course. >> i wrote a letter because it happened so often, so many days
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over so many weeks, there's got to be something to this. this is nuts. >> reporter: the bridge district wrote a letter to riders apologizing. dennis mulligan says a driver shortage and sick calls are causing unexpected cancellations. >> we're hiring drivers, working with the union for mentoring programs. >> reporter: the bus driver troubles come as the bridge district is encouraging people to take the bus if they plan to visit the iconic span over easter weekend. riders say having enoh bus drivers to get behind the wheel would help keep things moving, too. >> it would be great if they could be reliable consistently. >> reporter: the bridge district says they have hired drivers but it takes several weeks to train them and this issue is not expected to be resolved until
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june. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> still struggling to pinpoint the problem, bart updated its board of directors about the mysterious electrical surge that are disrupting service. the trains are still not fully back in service. bart leaders say they are working around the clock and have hired outside consult at that time -- consultants but can't figure out the problem. bart does say a tiny but expensive part may be the key. those parts arrive in four weeks but a lot of commuters say a fix needs happen a lot sooner than that. a rough landing into fire retardant.
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firefighters explained this on the runway today. the pilot of a private plan reported landing gear issues and had to land the plane on its belly. no flames luckily. the four on board were shaken but unhurt. >> today city leaders renamed a stretch of southbound highway 87 in honor of officer michael johnson. more than 200 people attended the ceremony, many of them johnson's family and friends who was shot one year ago today. >> lost and found. a san jose woman has her brother's ashes back after a car thief drove off with them. inside her car she had clothes, baby pictures of her kids and three silver lochtes with her brother's remains inside. >> i don't even care about the car. i just want the stuff in the
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car. the most important stiff are the keepsak keepsakes. >> retired police officers saw our news report on the theft and headed out to look for that missing car. they found it abandoned and ransacked in a parking lot. those precious locketts with her brother's ashes were still inside. >> damaj cook was covered head to toe in gold spray paint when he was arrested. officers save cook was driving recklessly on eastbound 80 and hit three cars. officers received a description of the suspect as being gold. officers say he was driving under the influence. >> encounters with coyotes in san francisco are becoming more common and more dangerous in the city. >> this is getting absurd. we've got to have controls on this. >> lots of people voiced their
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concern at a hearing today. there have been some 70 coyote sightings. one man lost his dog to an attack. city leaders say not much can be done, relot locating them is illegal. that i say using super soakers may scare them away or strobe lighting. >> a party is being hosted by george clooney and his wife, amal. seats for two at the table will set you back a whopping $353,000. too outrageous? well, $34,000 will get you dinner and a photo with hillary clinton. the fund-raiser will be at the home of a venture capitalist. >> let's turn things over to jeff ranieri.
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jeff, we're talking about some sunshine as we head to the weekend. >> it's going to be great on friday. you'll see by easter sunday we are anticipating some changes to come our way as well. as we look outside the kie skye camera network, it's cool and chris being in san jose, chilly in the peninsula with 51 and tomorrow's forecast is going to be nice and easy for you. a great way to get started off on your friday. the traffic here across bait area is unbearable some mornings. this should help. the south bay will start off with 49 degrees. let's get you into that microclimate forecast and get you prepared for the end of the work week. one spot that's not going to warm up a whole lot tomorrow is san francisco. we'll have a slight wind coming out of the west. that will leave us at 65 in the marina, 67 for the financial
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district. check out palo alto, heading to any kind of tech company to go work. out towards the south bay, 73 in morgue 'hill, 71 cupertino and 72 in northern bay. my best and warmest weather up to the north bay. 76 for santa rosa. oakland looking stellar tomorrow, too, at 70. toward fremont, 72. and more of those low 70s right across the tri-valley. time for the snow report. mild and sunny, plenty of snow to go ski skiing on here at squaw valley and alpine meadows. 160 inch base. up got to get there and check that out. back here at home we have changes, as we mentioned. saturday looks great. we have 74 expected in the south bay but look at this. by sunday we see temperatures
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drop down to 70. then by monday it's a 10 degree decrease from saturday to monday. we go from 74 to 64. monday cooler and wind coming our way. so easter weekend looks pretty good. sunshine and eventually cooler temperatures. what about the next possibility of rain? by next wednesday we have a chance of scattered showers in the forecast. nothing big. this will help to increase the wind. it's not over yet. april is still showing average chances of rainfall. it looks like the second or third week of april we could see things pick back up again. the book is not closed on el nino. if i had my way, we'd have several more weeks of rain next month. >> up next, the a problem with a popular brand of baby food. plus a way ward lions turns up in an unusual place. >> and there's jimmy. >> ben affleck is here for a pop quiz. comedia e turng toocialmeditoni=
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comedians are turning to social media tonight to pay tribute to gary shandling who suddenly died at age 66. he was rushed to an l.a. hospital today where he was pronounced dead. he was a sitcom writer who turned to standup comedy. his shows and self-deprecating comedy style influential and cited by many of the comedians mourning him today. >> an alleged drug smuggling flight attendant appeared in court today. marsha gay reynolds was picked for a random search by l.a.x. security. officials allegedly found 70 pounds of cocaine in her bags. she took off running, got on a
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flight to new york and finally surrendered yesterday. she might not have been sure what was in that bag, says her spokesman. >> gerber is taking two of its products off shelves because of health concerns. the company said its organic second food pouches are at risk of spoiling. the recall involves the pouches with carrots and peas and apples, pears and mangoes. >> the nba's mvp has a twin. meet stuff curry's body double just ahead. >> and now trending on facebook, thinking outside of the box while living in one. a bay area man says crazy rent prizes in san francisco prompted him to build a pod in his friend's living room. he's paying about $500 a month to live in the pod.
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plus the giants were just named one of the most profitable franchises in baseball.
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good evening. i'm gabriel sotelo with sports. the coyotes needed one more win to clinch a playoff spot but tonight wasn't their night. the oilers scored four goals in the second period and two more in the third to win the game 6-3. we will have to wait until saturday to see if the sharks can clinch when they face the dallas stars. this is the second loss at home and third in the last four games. >> stephen curry met his wax double today. it required 250 measurements and cost an estimated $350,000 to make. >> when my agents called and said that they reached out and
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wanted to make a wax figure of myself, i kind of laughed on the phone because of the back story from l.a. and didn't think it was real. but then obviously it's on the schedule to come and meet the fine people that made this possible. >> the warriors will be back in action tomorrow at oracle arena to look for win number 65. that's it for tonight. more news after the break. new vioonighof a al pu-- bk in
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centein saalitoit's beea lg day in yo drivay. aeal. w doyou mpr= homeowners woke up to a knock on their door from the police. >> there's a seal in your driveway. how do you comprehend that? >> oh, my gosh! >> the seal pup is very cute.
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it's a little thin. >> it's a little thin but alert. they're hoping to release her back into the wild when she's ready. officials say she's a repeat client. she was released just weeks ago. she's been all over the bay area. >> look it! >> five miles to get to that fremont home. >> she's giving the nbc bay area sign. >> she likes the weather the way it is. she's super cute. thanks for joining us. we hope to see you tomorrow. >> good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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